We are a small family farm located in southern Illinois. 

Along with row-cropping, we raise black angus beef and lambs to sell for meat. We raise them free range on pasture, not a dry lot. And then we supplement with grain to finish them out.

Our Beeves!

None of our animals are given growth hormones EVER!! Antibiotics are never given on a daily basis. But, just as you treat your children when they are sick, our animals can get under the weather and need medication as well! Also we are against feeding our animals drugs to increase their production!

Our Lambs!

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We sell our beef and lamb live. We don’t do the processing ourselves for you. You need to find the processor yourself.

Our goal is to produce a high quality product and to provide a direct source for you to obtain meat directly from the producer.

We do not sell the meat processed. We are selling you the live animal, and then you need to find a processor.

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